27-28 сентября 2016 г. Москва, Президент-отель

Welcome Letters

Maxim Sokolov

Maxim Sokolov
Minister of transport of the Russian Federation

Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation and on my own behalf I welcome participants, guests and organizers of the International forum “Intelligent transport systems of Russia”!

Implementation of the main directions of the state transport policy is impossible without development of modern sectorial intelligent systems. Addressing the problem of economic development of the regions and the country as a whole requires information, telematic and other innovative transport technologies, which cooperate with each other effectively and safely. This connection enables to improve the life quality of our citizens, and also to develop international transport corridors in an effective manner. So far, implementation of innovations has already made a significant impact in our country, however it is necessary to continue active work, develop further steps, discuss both achievements and issues, set new goals and tasks, which, I am sure, will be the key topics for discussion between representatives of business, government and society within the Forum.

I wish organizers and participants of the International forum “Intelligent transport systems of Russia” fruitful work, which will make the Forum a leading arena to determine ITS development in transport sector!
Roman Starovoyt

Roman Starovoyt
Head of the Federal Road Agency  

Dear participants!

On behalf of the Federal Road Agency I welcome you at the International Forum “Intelligent transport systems of Russia”.

It is obvious that intelligent transport systems are an effective tool to solve transport problems. Users’ demand for comfortable and quality service with the use of innovative technologies is growing each year. Modern roads equipped with intelligent transport systems provide an opportunity for significant increase of road network capacity and traffic safety improvement. These processes it their turn are able to strengthen our country economy.

It is necessary to understand what a great development potential this area has. It’s not so long ago that a possibility of creation an unmanned vehicle seemed unachievable, and today we are not only developing such a model of vehicle but also successfully testing it. It is safe to say that ITS is a key element of the road infrastructure all over the world.

Running such a large-scale Forum shows that the questions of ITS are of great importance for both the society and the government and business representatives.

I am sure that discussions will be useful and bring positive results for the branch in future. I wish the Forum participants fruitful work!
Sergey Ten

Sergey Ten
Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Transport Committee

Dear guests and participants of the International Forum “Intelligent transport systems of Russia”!

Transport sector has strategic meaning for the Russian economy. It is obvious that nowadays effective development of transport and road facilities is impossible without intelligent transport systems. Implementation of such systems will fully contribute to satisfying the requirements of society and state in safe, smooth and comfortable movement of passengers and goods on the roads of our country. Discussion on current issues within the Forum should lead to proposal development as well as real actions aimed at realization of the state policy in the field of development of ITS in transport sector.

I wish all the participants and guests of the International Forum “Intelligent transport systems of Russia” fruitful work, active exchange of ideas, development of effective solutions.
Sergey Kelbakh

Sergey Kelbakh
Chairman of the Management Board of State Company Russian Highways

On behalf of State Company Russian Highways, I welcome the participants in the International Forum “Intelligent Transport Systems of Russia”!

An innovative approach to creating a modern network of expressways is a vital condition for establishing a quality and effective transport infrastructure in Russia.

Use in the road sector of the latest IT, unified into intelligent transport systems, always demonstrates positive results. For instance, thanks to use of smart transport systems, the State Company has managed to reduce substantially the road accident incidence rate, including fatal ones, to raise traffic flow management to a new and higher level, and to improve considerably the services provided to drivers.

Solution to the complex of issues related to further development of intelligent transport systems in Russia, roll-out of the most successful solutions, and optimisation of costs require a systemic approach, combined knowledge, experience and resources of state authorities, business, scientific research and public organisations. An extensive discussion of intelligent transport systems in Russia, especially in the format of an international forum, is undoubtedly both necessary and useful.

I wish the participants in the International Forum “Intelligent Transport Systems of Russia” fruitful work!

Viktor Nilov

Viktor Nilov
Head of the Main Directorate for Road Traffic Safety

Dear participants and guests of the Forum!

I sincerely welcome you and congratulate on the opening of the International Forum “Intelligent transport systems of Russia”.

Today the questions of traffic safety are tightly connected with development of intelligent transport systems. Serious efforts are currently under way in this field: legislation is being improved, a lot of steps are undertaken in order to make the systems safer and more comfortable for all the users.

There is no doubt that such work is impossible without wide support of state, public and commercial institutions, and the International Forum aims to contribute to this large-scale process.

Joint projects of scientists and practitioners will enable to increase the level of road users' protection, and presentation of interesting, original ideas and innovations in the field of transport planning will certainly enlarge the variety of advanced research, which will have a positive impact on the road situation. I hope that the best decisions will be appreciated and implemented in practice.

I am sure that the International Forum “Intelligent transport systems of Russia” will become a key platform to exchange opinions and suggestions. I wish all the guests and participants success, positive professional and creative contacts.

I hope the decisions taken during the Forum will get their logical extension and support from participants of the VI International Congress “Traffic safety for the safety of life”, which will take place on September 28-30 and will be dedicated to the role of society in solving traffic safety problems.

Igor Komarov

Igor Komarov
Director General, State Space Corporation Roscosmos

Dear Participants!

On behalf of State Space Corporation Roscosmos, I welcome you all to the International Forum “Intelligent Transport Systems of Russia.”

Growth in the market for information technologies and today’s ongoing systematic integration of intelligent systems into transport infrastructure is the result of successful endeavors in this field.

This past year has once again confirmed the importance of the GLONASS system to the goals of ensuring national security and modernizing the economy of the Russian Federation.

Despite the challenging economic environment, the GLONASS system continues to enjoy dynamic development. Measures aimed at the support and development of the GLONASS system, as well as the efficient use of navigational technologies engineered on its basis, are being implemented within the scope of the Federal Target Program “Support, Development and Use of the GLONASS System in 2012-2020”. State support for domestic navigational technologies based on the GLONASS system is laying the groundwork for further development of the Russian navigation market, including the promotion of GLONASS-based navigational technologies on the global market and assurance of the system’s competitiveness.

Development of the GLONASS system is one of the priority thrusts of Russian state policy, and pursuant to the RF Presidential Decree of 17 May 2007, Russian and foreign consumers have been given free, unlimited access to GLONASS civilian signals, while federal executive agencies and the regional authorities – irrespective of their organizational structure or legal status – have been recommended to use navigational hardware that uses GLONASS signals.

The creation of domestic navigational equipment and related systems is encouraging the attraction of significant investments – including foreign investments – into the Russian economy, as well as the creation of new jobs: something that is particularly relevant today.

I wish all participants of the International Forum “Intelligent Transport Systems of Russia” productive networking and much creative success in the pursuit of new projects.

Andrey Nedosekov

Andrey Nedosekov
Director General GLONASS JSC

Dear colleagues!

On behalf of GLONASS JSC I am glad to welcome you at the International Forum “Intelligent transport systems of Russia”.

The topics, which will be covered at the Forum, will enable development of intelligent transport systems, improvement of traffic safety, creation of cutting-edge services and facilities in the transport sector.

Implementation of GLONASS technologies opens new perspectives in development of intelligent transport systems, which are essential to create comfortable life and business conditions. Due to innovations in information and navigation technologies, it became possible to create a market of unmanned transport, and this leads to revolutionary changes in the entire transport sector.

GLONASS JSC is ready to become a reliable partner for the projects dedicated to development of intelligent transport systems.

I wish the Forum participants effective discussions and fruitful work!
Nikolay Bystrov

Nikolay Bystrov
Chairman of the Technical Committee 418 on Road Facilities

I welcome the participants of the International Forum “Intelligent transport systems of Russia”.  Implementation of innovations is one of strategically important conditions of road network development. Intelligent transport systems are one of science intensive and rapidly developing elements of road infrastructure. The notion ITS itself includes complexity of the problem solutions, and therefore requires a detailed analysis of all the solutions suggested and the results of their usage. From our point of view nowadays we can see the final stage of the first development phase of ITS in Russia, which was characterized with testing of a large number of solutions that were earlier developed abroad. At the moment road sector is ready for development of new quality solutions on the basis of the gained experience.

I wish all the participants of the International Forum “Intelligent transport systems of Russia” to find a successful solution for this primary task.
Mikhail Oleynik

Mikhail Oleynik
Minister of transport of the Moscow region

Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the Ministry of transport of the Moscow region I am glad to welcome participants and organizers of the Forum “Intelligent transport systems of Russia”.
Transport sector is a basis for economy of any country. Effective development of the given sector in the modern world is impossible without information technology industry. Development of intelligent transport systems of the Moscow region in the long term involves precise control over traffic flows, which will enable to increase economic efficiency of transport, reduce traffic congestions and significantly improve traffic safety.
The Forum provides an opportunity to get familiar with the latest innovations in the ITS field, share plans and discuss projects, development of which will have a positive impact on public transport services of the region and improve the entire transport system of Podmoskovye.
I am sure that the Forum discussion sites will allow the participants not only to exchange experience but will also help to implement new decisions in the shortest possible time. I wish everyone fruitful work!
Alexander Golovin

Alexander Golovin
Chairman of the Saint-Petersburg Transport Committee

Dear colleagues!

I am glad to welcome participants and organizers of the International Forum “Intelligent transport systems of Russia”.

Modern technologies have become ingrained into the business practices of the entire transport sector. The term “intelligent transport systems” has been already enriched with real content: in Saint-Petersburg they are widely used in the field of operational control and monitoring of municipal passenger transport, traffic management and electronic payment control. Today ITS is becoming a universal tool aimed to increase speed of traffic flows and improve quality of service provided to passengers.

I am sure that the Forum “Intelligent transport systems of Russia” will become an excellent platform for open discussions of government, business, and fundamental and applied science representatives. I sincerely wish the Forum participants productive and creative work!
Alexander Sidorenko

Alexander Sidorenko
Deputy Chairman of the Sverdlovsk Region Government

On behalf of the Sverdlovsk Region Government and on my own behalf I welcome the participants and organizers of the Forum “Intelligent transport systems of Russia”.

It is necessary to develop a stable platform to implement intelligent transport systems into the transport sector for successful social and economic development of the regions. We need to remember that rise in living standards in the regions makes a considerable contribution in the development of the country as s whole.

Within PPP projects of the Sverdlovsk region we gradually implement innovations, launch into operation new devices for road users’ speed monitoring, which in their turn significantly increase traffic safety. Even now we can notice decrease of road accidents due to ITS use.

I am sure that the Forum will be an effective platform for the industry experts and will enable to build long-term relationship between government and business representatives. I wish the Forum participants fruitful and interesting work!
Marko Forsblom

Marko Forsblom
CEO of the ITS Finland

On behalf of the ITS Finland we are happy to support the “ITS Russia Forum”. ITS Finland promotes the development and deployment of intelligent transport and logistics services and products and improves the awareness of Finnish ITS expertise.

We all have proved the huge challenges that our growing cities are facing today. We can use our innovative ITS based services in transforming mobility for people and goods. Increasing connectivity, bringing new services to users, improving communication, safety and security, all with sustainability in mind will provide even more benefits to the user.

We are building our future cities today. There will be no Smart Cities without Smart Mobility. We want to bring in to discussions our new approach to these challenges, the vision of Mobility as a Service.

We look forward to meeting you all in September and create the future of mobility together.

Mikhail Blinkin

Mikhail Blinkin
Chairman of the Public Council of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, Director of the Institute for Transport Economics and Transport Policy Studies of the Higher School of Economics

Dear colleagues,

I would like to start my greeting from a historical journey.

Many years ago journalists asked Denos Gazis, an outstanding American scientist, what intelligent transport system was.

Gazis who was a mathematician, philosopher, one of the Traffic Flow Theory creators and longstanding leader of IBM transport projects answered: “Nobody knows exactly what ITS is. The easiest way to put it – this is the subject my colleagues and I are studying”.

Today, when cities and countries have entered the era of Digital Age Transportation, even people who are not into IT and transport technology areas do not have such questions. And this is understandable since everything from sea containers and plane tickets to traffic lights and parking payments is immersed into consistent digital environment. Professor Rüdiger Grube, the president of Deutsche Bahn, has stated the most telling feature of this new age: “Today, our passenger having an application in a smartphone, obtains more information than my resident operator obtained 10 years ago!”

So we are living in an era when ITS has spread far beyond its professional field and become an integral part of business and social life. Accordingly the tasks we are facing are much more complicated than the ones of the founding fathers of our profession.

I sincerely welcome organizers and participants of the Forum as well as all my colleagues for whom ITS development, implementation and operation is a part of business, academic interests or state duties.

I hope our Forum will be interesting and useful!  
Oleg Yarosh

Oleg Yarosh

Dear colleagues and partners!

On behalf of FAI ROSDORNII and on my own behalf I welcome you at the International Forum “Intelligent transport systems of Russia”.

Innovative development and improving the transport infrastructure state, specifically design, construction, operation and control, are now impossible to imagine without use of intelligent transport systems. Creation of “smart” roads is an important task, which will enable to cope with such problems as decrease of traffic in cities and on highways and will also increase traffic safety level.

I am sure that the Forum will become an effective platform for discussion on the transport sector key topics. I wish the participants constructive dialogs and fruitful work!
Igor Starygin

Igor Starygin
Director General of the RADOR Association

On behalf of the RADOR Association I am glad to welcome participants, guests and organizers of the International forum “Intelligent transport systems of Russia”.

Modern roads as a part of the united transport infrastructure of our country should meet the needs of economy and population, should be safe and comfortable. Intelligent transport systems, which provide a wide range of opportunities for appropriate operation and development of road network, are an important tool to complete this task.

Use of modern information, communication and telematic technologies enables to create integrated mechanisms of traffic management in order to increase traffic safety, enhance efficiency of traffic flows, improve control under transport and operational state of roads, provide road network preservation, organize effective disaster response.

I am sure that the outcome of the Forum activities will be consolidation of transport sector representatives’ opinions, and that tasks and development ways of united intelligent transport network of Russia will be set. I wish everyone fruitful and consistent work, establishment of new contacts and success in business.
Mr. Christophe Nicodeme

Mr. Christophe Nicodeme
ERF Director General

On behalf of the ERF we are happy to support the initiative to organize the “ITS Russia Forum”. ERF has always been a firm believer that Intelligent Transport Systems can play a significant role in the way roads will be constructed and used in the future. But the future is here and the sooner our sector adapts to it, the greater the benefits will be not only for different stakeholders in the industry, but for the road users as well.

We are committed to delivering better and safer roads to Europe. We are also committed to make roads more sustainable, efficient, environmentally friendly and closer to the needs of the users. We stand by the belief that roads are a strategic assets that leads to economic prosperity. With the proper implementation of ITS, we can multiply the benefits of our sector and make roads not only a necessity for our society, but an experience for the user.

We look forward to meeting you all in September and shape the roads of the future together.
Vladimir Klimov

Vladimir Klimov
Executive Director, Association “GLONASS/GNSS-Forum”

Dear participants!

I am glad to welcome you at the International Forum “Intellectual transport systems of Russia”.  

Transport infrastructure of a country is certainly a vital lifeline, which provides quality and safe operation of all branches of economy.  

Taking into account the need to improve the competitiveness of the Russian Federation transport system, development of transport services export and realization of the country transit capacity, growth of demand for availability and affordability of transport services, comfortable and quality service in transport sector we actively implement management and monitoring systems based on GLONASS satellite navigation technologies, technologies of vehicle-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure interaction, and also intelligent transport systems, which are now the most effective and full-scale management tool in transport.

Navigation systems play a specific role in development of unmanned transport.  

I am sure that the topics covered within the Forum will help to develop specific solutions and proposals for further implementation of modern intelligent technologies in the transport sector of the country, including the ones based on domestic satellite navigation technologies.

I wish the Forum participants productive discussions, interesting contacts, new ideas and fruitful work.